istock_000018813626xlargeThe SPCA Newfoundland and Labrador (SPCA NL) was founded in 1954 by a compassionate and loving lady, Hilda Smith who oversaw the care of several unloved, abandoned and abused animals for many years. The first Branch of SPCA NL came to life in St. John’s. A converted dentist office located on the R.C.A.F base served as a shelter for many years. In 1993 a new shelter was constructed.

The Provincial structure and governance was through the St. John’s SPCA up until 2013. Over that period other provincial branches were formed and certified by the SPCA NL.

All SPCA branch across the province worked diligently to create a cohesive board that represents the interests of all respective branches. Each SPCA Branch is run by dedicated volunteers who manage their own branch. Among those boards there are two representatives that make up the Provincial board for SPCA NL. This board of 18 people govern the policies and procedures of each Branch.

SPCA Newfoundland and Labrador (SPCA NL) is very proud and honoured to have such wonderful and compassionate people who volunteer a huge portion of their time to the protection and care of animals across our great province.

logosThe Branches that make up SPCA NL are:

  • The Baccalieu Trail SPCA was founded in 2011
  • The Burin Peninsula SPCA was founded in 1996
  • The Clarenville Area SPCA was founded in 1989
  • The Gander and Area SPCA was founded in 1986
  • The Exploits Valley SPCA was founded in 1971
  • Southwest Coast SPCA was founded in 2012
  • NL West SPCA was founded in 1976
  • Happy Valley SPCA was founded in 1997
  • St. Johns SPCA was founded in 1960