SPCA NL is consisted of two Board of Directors from each of the nine branches that represent their location. By having equal representation across the province we as the provincial board can collaborate together on any topic brought forward. Each member is able to bring forth any topic, concern, or question that either concerns their local branch or the organization as a whole.

SPCA Representatives
Baccalieu Trail SPCA
Sonya Nolan Baker
Courtney Clarke

Burin Peninsula SPCA
Pauline Beazley
Alfreda Grandy

Clarenville SPCA
Janet Gosse
Judy Lane

Exploits Valley SPCA
Jean Mercer
Sandy Howden

Gander SPCA
Betty Sooley
Gail Lush

Happy Valley Goose Bay SPCA
Lee Hill
Alan Lawrie

Ervin McCurdy
Francis Drover

Southwest Coast SPCA
Candice White
Ted White

St. John’s SPCA
Metzi Prince
Amanda Buis

Executive Members for 2020-2021